Thursday, July 18, 2013

Relaxing Day

My bestie Lauren came for a quick visit the other day, and we really made the most of it. Started out with a late night margarita on an outdoor patio catching up. When we woke up, we strolled down to the Skinny Pancake, a great breakfast place with so many crepes we had a hard time deciding what to get! The easy decision was the iced latte, because it is ding-dang-hot out here folks.

Then we drove over to my parents boat and proceeded to raft it up for the entire afternoon, popping out of the water every once in awhile for snacks and beverages, or a little reading.

Aren't days off the cats meow?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Straight boat chillin' in the rain

Since Owen and I moved back to Burlington last month, my family has put our boat in the water in Mallets Bay, a fifteen minute drive from our house. They come up and stay on it whenever they have time off. Unfortunately, last week when they came up, it rained pretty much the whole time.

But the Waters family has fun, rain or shine, OK? Which means lots of reading, drinking coffee, watching lightening out the window, looking at old pictures, and coming up with hilarious ways to dress up Dad ( see below). 

Lots of cozy hang time with the family at the marina: ) 

Friday, June 28, 2013

22 Unbelievable Places

This is a street in Bonn, Germany. How amazing, right? This site lists 22 places you can't believe exist around the world. Check out the rest here.

It will make you want to travel : )

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thrift Shop Stalking

This morning, I moseyed on down to the thrift shop that only opens a couple times a week underneath a church downtown. Its the best (but really). 

The ladies that run it are always putting out new stuff while you are there, so I end up looking slightly stalker-ish whenever I see one of them walk by with a vintage sundress or the likes. The trick is to casually walk behind them until they hang it up, pretending you are looking at the OTHER sundresses. Then, just after they walk away, I snatch it quick. HAH! Just before that trendy college girl sees it! 

Yes, I realize I may have become a bit of a competitive thrifter. But life is all about the challenges, right?

Today, I scored big with a 1960s Betty Crocker cookbook (for kids, but with plenty of recipes to make that my kid-like fiance will eat), a anchor print knit shirt, a beautifully knit white cape with scalloped edge pockets, vintage "wing" earrings, a horse pin and a brass pineapple paperweight. Lots of excitement over here, let me tell ya.


(n.) the joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures

My new favorite word! I love dreaming up ideas and planning new adventures. Now I have a word to describe the fun-ness of it all. A very strange sounding word. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Picnic On the Lake

The other night, I got home from work around six, and Owen had just gotten back from a bike ride to the grocery store. He proceeded to cook up a couple steaks while I lounged (aka sat lazily and failed to assist in any sort of way), packed up everything in a cooler, and we drove down to the lake. 

It was beautiful out. After having it rain pretty much every day since we moved here, we were soaking it up! Great steak, great pasta salad and a great view. The sun was shining, and there were lots of interesting sights on the bike path right next to our picnic table (see below).

Oh, Burlington. 

Then, because we couldn't go inside quite yet, we sat on Church Street with a couple cups of coffee until the sun set. Perfect night.